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Angling & Sportsfishing

Odisha offers an unique opportunity to Anglers worldwide to come and test it’s waters, both on shore and off shore. No other destination in Odisha provides the facility for angling or sportfishing. This Homestay is an ideal vacation for serious and family anglers as it is situated away (13 kms) very close to river Mahanadi the biggest riverine system of Orissa. This river with its distributaries, creeks, channels and nearby lakes makes it some of the best wild angling spots for all types of Indian carps and other game fish, Rohu, Catla, Mrigala, Calbasu, Common carp, Grass carps, Featherbacks, large size Razor fish, all types of Snakeheads, Wallago Attu or Freshwater Sharks and various types of catfish even a super size Goonch be found here.

Barramundi or Asian Sea Bass are an anglers delight. Special hot spots are a favorite for these fish. A special itinerary can be organized for catching Barramundis.

The peak season is between Sept. to Nov. A local fishing expert is available to guide the tourist for any information mainly the type of baits to be used. Local baits are preferred and can be available on request.


Mangarajpur, Jyoti Niketan ( Rajbati) CUTTACK ,754028

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