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A Heritage Homestay

Since the dawn of civilizations, with the advent of travel and trade between them, there has always been a set of wanderers dreaming of an incredibly captivating and mystical destination called India. Over thousands of years, this country was known for its opulence and heritage, from exquisite architecture to the tremendous wildlife, especially the elephants and the Royal Bengal tigers. The emperors and kings, and their dynasties after them, ruled for centuries, exerting dominance over their territorial lands and the forests around them. This legendary relationship of appreciation and duals continued till India's independence from British Rule, with the formation of a Republic nation, where kings lost their kingdoms, and the animals lost their jungles. With a better part of royal dynastic legacies engulfed by the rapidly progressing modern world, this foregone era of glamour, plenitude and mystery remains an enthralling fantasy for the populace, with only a few ancient families and their properties left to tell stories of that glorious history, its aristocracy and marvellous heritage.

If you are one of those wanderers, the modern-day nomads seeking an opportunity to experience and live out a part of the majestic, dreamy and romantic past, look no further than KILA DALIJODA. Tucked away in a remote corner of the beautiful eastern state of Odisha, close to the twin cities of Cuttack and the capital, Bhubaneswar, this striking royal hunting palace offers a sublime heritage homestay experience, from learning the family's history to curated activities such as angling, nature trails, cycling tours, wildlife spotting and birding, visits to tribal villages, haats, cultural and religious centres and much more; all while sampling the delicious homemade cuisine and enjoying a needful detox from the stresses of contemporary life.

Being close to urban centres and yet far enough to retain a certain rustic, off-beat charm, KILA DALIJODA, aptly described by one of the travellers as a little gem in the heart of Odisha, serves as an exceptional and convenient home away from home.


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Mangarajpur, Jyoti Niketan ( Rajbati) CUTTACK ,754028

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