"KILA DALIJODA" has been awarded with the "Certificate Of Excellence-2014" by TripAdvisor.

From time immemorial, travelers from all over the world have dreamt of an incredible country called INDIA. Ever since it has been a very captivating and fascinating destination. Not long ago, this country was known as the land of kings, their dynasties and its Tigers. Each one dominating their own territories and ruled them for centuries. Their legendary relationship of appreciation and duals continued until India became independent to form a Republic nation. Things were never to be same again. The kings lost their kingdoms and the Tigers lost their jungles. Their lost world and glamour remains one of the most captivating fantasies of the modern world. Most of such legacies have been engulfed by the rapidly progressing modern world.
Only a very few ancient families and their properties remain to tell stories of that glorious history, its royalty, its heritage and its romantic past.
If you are one of those who is searching to live and experience a part of that dream then take a pause. At the first look, you may pass it off as one of those offbeat resorts which are scattered all over the Indian landscape. Stop your search and take a closer look, go deep because, you will be really surprised with this one. This sublime heritage home stay will take you to new level of that experience you were hungry for in every way, be it their family heritage, culture, food, rural lifestyle, wildlife, nature walks, tribal life, village haats, birdlife, Angling and much more.
Tucked away in a very remote corner, very close to the capital Bhubaneswar, is this property called "KILA DALIJODA". AN EXCEPTIONAL and convenient getaway home for all. Beautifully described by one of the travelers as “ A little gem in the heart of Odisha “.


Why choose KILA DALIJODA ?

  • Experience a heritage living. Travel back in time and recall stories of the Royal Era.
  • Get the most of the Indian cuisines served in true traditional style.
  • Get yourself merged with the tribal lifestyle.
  • Get a chance to explore an authentic India you dreamed off.

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