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Religious Tour

Religious Tours

Jorandha Temple :– (55 kms by Road)

The countyside and its jungles are a treat for bird watchers. The area holds abundance of birdlife both resident and migratory. Birders can have real good experience watching a great range of rare birds aqatic and forest dwelling varieties.

Jagganath Temple at Chhatia :- (30 kms by Road)

This is the second most important Jagganath temple of odisha. Its on way to the buddhist relics. As per the forecast on the life of Jagganath, due to the rising of the sea, sometime in future the main idols of jagganath in Puri will be shifted in this temple. Beautiful paintings adorn the inside walls telling stories from the hindu mythology. There is no restrictiction for entry for non hindus.

Dhableswar Temple :- (25 kms by Road)

It is about 25 kms from the Kila, and is approachable by road and by power boat. Located on a beautiful island on the middle of river Mahanadi, is the Dhabaleshwar temple of Shiva perched on a hillock. One can take a motor boat to the island or walk over the newly constructed hanging bridge. Enroute tourist can do a lot of bird photography, specially winter visitors at very close range. Also can see the river turtles swimming close to the boat.

Sun Temple at Konark :- ( 55 kms or 2 hrs )

Known for its architecture and erotic sculpture, this magnificent edifice is a travelers delight.

Temple city of Bhubaneswar :- (43 kms)

Travelers can stay at this homestay and go around the city of Bhuaneswar which is also called the temple city. Many ancient temples, historical sites, museums, and stone craft works are located in and around Bhubaneswar.

Jorandha Temple

Dhabaleswar Temple

Konark Sun Temple

Paintings inside Chattia Temple