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Historical Tour

Historical Tour

It is impossible to gain access to the past exactly as it happened. In order to approach it, we have to represent it, make it part of the present through a creative entailment that reconstructs it. For this reason, Our host will guide you down through the historical lanes where you would live the culture of past in its present.

Maritime Museum at Jobra Cuttack

Dhauligiri Buddhist Temple

Maritime Museum at Jobra Cuttack :- (22 Kms)

A completely different and a rare museum related to odishas maritime trade and ship building, ship repairs. This is a very educative visit for anyone who is interested to know about odisha’s maritime history.

Ratnagiri Temple

Udaygiri Cave

Buddhist Relics :- (50 kms)

Buddhist sites at Udayagiri, Ratnagiri and Lalitgiri and Langudi are worth making a visit to understand Orissa’s ancient past and its role in promoting Buddhism throughout the world.